Member Trubend5085 Arrived SMART VIETNAM

On last Friday, the new cell Trubend5085 arrived our sheet metal workshop.

Trubend 5085 is one of the state-of-the-art bending cell of Trumpf. This bending cell owns more new functions if compared to the current Trubend 3100 installed alreay. After few days running and testing the machine, Mr. Hien, the operator guy, has described the new cell with many compliments

“If compared to 3100, the controller console display is much more beautiful then 3100. More than that, the display is touchable so using this machine is more convenient. The throat is larger, plus more than 20cm, which facilitates the fabrication work for big-size products. The best thing about this machine is that the software is very smart! Before I have to connect manually 2 programs when doing mass-production. But now with Trubend 5085, I don’t have to do it manually any more, the machine knows it and operates itself! This is really amazing!”

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